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About Arkadia Underground Deeds:

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About Arkadia Underground Deeds:

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 16, 2016 3:02 pm

I'm going to try and outline some of the basic facts about AUDs (arkadia underground deeds) for any who may be considering buying a few from the AH (auction house).

Let me start by outlining the original price which was $5 usd per deed. Fifty ped in other words. Now they will go for 57 to 80 ped on AH per deed. The normal range seems to be around 70 ped.
AUDs will pay out daily, .01 pec to .06 ped depending on how much business is being conducted in Arkadia underground. This is hunting, mining, sales, buying, and so forth.


a total of 200k deeds is available
the original price per deed is 50 PED
the tax revenues of the Arkadia Underground server area will be distributed equally on the 200k deeds
revenues will be paid out in-game to each deed holder's the "PED Flow Center"
the tax for the Arkadia Underground server area is fixed to 5%
mining on the Arkadia Underground server area is using the same mode like on FOMA and in HELL
deeds are originally available from the Underground Deed Broker located on Arkadia Underground area at (13479 21770), close to the arrival teleporter
you can go to the Arkadia Underground Teleporter from any TP on Arkadia, switching the map to "Arkadia Underground" in the upper right drop-down menu of the TP interface
3 unique mobs (Navi, Wombana and Togolossi)
64 (8x8) square km (1 server area)
Entrances to mysterious Ancient Arkadian Vaults are located throughout this area

While these deeds were still available in game to purchase, there were two options, a broker (which is long since gone) and via the turn in of Ark coins (of which the deeds have all run out). So, the only way to get them now is by buying them from other players.


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