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Ways to make free ped:

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Ways to make free ped:

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:19 am

So, not everyone wants to deposit. There are numerous ways to actually earn free ped with out spending any money of your own.

1. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
With this radio station you can play two music stations in the back ground and collect .01 ped per every 12-20 min. You can even keep it muted or disable flash player on the stations all together. Just make sure you keep the windows open along with the main site window open in order to collect the currency while you play, sleep, eat, or are otherwise engaged. They also have some basic job things which will pay some small amount of ped more quickly. Now, you will have to wait till one of their reps is around to withdraw it, but that's rarely an issue.

2. Sweating:

What is sweating?

    Sweating is the classic newcomer profession, the process of extracting Vibrant Sweat from an animal. Vibrant Sweat can then be manufactured into other useful resources. It was added to the game to give new players a chance to make a bit of PED to try things out. Now it has become a commercial operation.

How to sweat?

    To sweat you need two things. The first is an item that all players start with, the VSE MK1. This item should be in the tools section of your inventory and can be equipped and fired just like a gun. The second thing you need is an animal. Point the VSE MK1 at an animal and start shooting. It may not work right away but keep trying, there's a high failure rate. An effect will start once sweat is being gathered and a loot window will pop up with sweat in it once it is successful. The Sweat is automatically added to your inventory. Do this over and over again until you gather a few thousand units of sweat and congratulations. You're now a professional newbie! If you want to give your clicking finger a break you can enable the “Toggle Auto-Use Tool” function. It is available in the action library by pressing “Y”.

Where to sweat?

    You can sweat pretty much any animal anywhere but that doesn't mean anywhere is a good place to do it. There have been several sweating havens historically but there is one place that's always been the go-to for sweaters all over the Universe, Nea's Place. Located at 29350 x 35500 Nea's Place is definitely worth the trip if you want to go anywhere with sweating. At Nea's Place players group together in a circle around an Ambulimax. The larger group means the animal will keep switching it's attacks from one person another allowing everyone to stay alive longer making sweating easier and faster. The Ambulimax have a lot of health that means that there's a lot of sweat to go around for everyone. Once there is no Sweat left, the animal can be killed by a player or by letting it follow a player to the automatic turret for free disposal.

What to do with sweat?

    Sweat is refined with Force Nexus to make Mind Essence, a vital Mind Force consumable. If you want you can just sell your sweat to another player, you can also refine it yourself if you have Force Nexus and sell or use the Mind Essence. If you want to sell it you might want to go take a trip to Twin Peaks located at 77750 x 76650 to see if anyone is buying. You should check with others to see what the going rate for sweat is so you sell at a fair price. Also note that sweat has a Trade Terminal value of 1 cent per 1000 units. So don't sell it to a trade terminal, it's a waste of sweat.

Why keep sweating?

    Sweating is a long and sometimes tedious process, the more you sweat the more PED you can make but it's not much so why keep going? Well, besides PED sweating at Nea's Place can be a good place to meet and talk to people. You never know who will show up there. Sweating is also a good way to gain skills. Sweat Gathering Skill isn't very useful, not even for sweating but the other skills you get while sweating are. Evade and Concentration are good ones, you also get other skills while being attacked by animals. All skills are good skills.

3.Walking for fruits and stones

What is walking for fruits and stones?

    It's pretty much what the title says. You walk around and pick up naturally spawned fruits and stones off the ground. Not hard. There are different types of naturally occurring fruits and stones. Bombardo, Papplon, Haimoros and Caroot are the kinds of fruit, pictured below.    

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Brukite, Rutol, Nissit and Kaldon Are the kinds of stones, pictured below.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
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[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

You can also find Common Dung on the ground but there's no word about the Uncommon Dung... Too bad.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Most people report that the profit you get from doing this roughly equates to sweating. You won't get any skills from it but you have a chance of finding a large spawn of stones worth a decent amount of PED.

Where to walk?

    You can walk around pretty much anywhere and have a chance of finding something. The spawning is more or less random. It's better if you press “Q” and toggle slow walk to make sure you don't miss any. I would recommend going somewhere remote where you don't think anyone goes much, press “R” to toggle automatic movement, walk in a straight line and watch for items spawning on the ground. You will know when you see one. Fruits and Common Dung have insects flying around them. Stones are a little harder to see because they can blend into the ground texture. Once you see one just click to pick it up and you'll get a loot window to confirm that it's yours.

What to do with your finds?

    Fruits are combined with Sweetstuff to make Nutrio Bars to feed tamed animals. Natural stones are refined into textures for clothing and items. You can choose to do that if you wish or just sell them to another player straight away if you want quick PED. Stones are usually more valuable than fruits and Common Dung isn't usually worth much. Remember to check what the current market values for resources are before you sell.

4.[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

What is PED to Click?

    PED to Click is a website similar to Entropia Partners where you can earn PED for doing online tasks such as clicking on ads, watching videos and doing surveys. It would be a good idea to sign up to PED to Click if you want to play Entropia Universe for free as it will supplement other methods. The more ways you have the better.

How do you earn PED?

    You would simply sign up with the website and start doing tasks. Tasks involve looking at web pages and clicking on ads, watching videos and video advertisements, filling out surveys and completing offers like signing up for websites. Once you get enough PED and want to withdraw, just request to do so and a payment representative will meet with you in game to trade you your PED.


    This website also has a referral system where you can share in the earnings of people you refer to sign up. You can spend some time around the new arrivals area to refer new players. Most of the time the first question anyone will ask when they start playing is “How do I make PED?” so You can be there to give them the answer and it will help you out too. It's not good to spam your referral links on chat all the time. Nearby players will quickly get annoyed so don't overdo it. If someone asks about making PED, opening a private chat to try to recruit them is a good idea.


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