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4 - Background Info

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4 - Background Info

Post by Agnetha on Sat Jun 04, 2016 9:55 am

Orthos oil rig is lost to robots, and Ashi oil rig is claimed by the same bunch of campers all the time. Let's open it for everyone! No weapon, armor or skills needed. We claim it by our mere numbers, by making it too expensive for them to shoot us all. That's why we need to show up all at the same time, the more people the better. Please tell all your friends about this event!

My original idea was to open the rig for 6 hours a week, establishing a queue during that time as it used to exist at Orthos. For now we focus on a 2 hour event though and see how it further develops. As we grow in numbers we might run in 2 to 3 shifts.

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